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About Dog Tired St. Louis, LLC dog walking


Hi, I'm Heidi, owner of Dog Tired St. Louis

I delight in the tail wagging tap dance my dog Luna displays at the mention of the word "walk". It gives me great joy to see how happy she is during our daily strolls. I formed Dog Tired to bring the joy of a walk to other dogs. And, also to give dog owners, who for various reasons cannot walk their dogs, a way to keep their canine companions happy and healthy.


After twenty-two years in healthcare providing kind, caring service to people, I decided to focus all my energy on bringing the same level of service to dogs and their human companions. I've been dog sitting since I was in my twenties. It has always been a fun and rewarding part of my life. I've walked and taken care of Greyhounds, Golden Retrievers, Shih Tzus, Schnauzers, Pit Bulls and lots of mixed breeds. I've been around dogs since I was a kid. Currently, I have a husky shepherd mix who loves her walks most when it dips below freezing. I'm also a volunteer dog walker at the Humane Society.


I've lived in South City for eighteen years. Eleven of those years have been in Holly Hills. When I'm not walking the dog, I'm often in the backyard watching our three chickens engage in their many comical antics.     

Thank you for visiting the website. I look forward to watching over your pet and providing caring and reliable service. References provided upon request.